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Better Abortion Care EKC-Model

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Annsofie Adolfsson

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One in five women who give birth to children has experienced at least one previous miscarriage. When a miscarriage is detected at a regularly scheduled ultrasound examination the midwife is present and she is able to observe the woman's ability and capacity to manage her situation. The experiences of women who have had a miscarriage have been applied to the healthcare for women and couples in the Skaraborg region. The women?s reactions to a pregnancy loss have been identified and quantified. The Perinatal Grief Scale (PGS) has been translated to Swedish in order to measure these grief reactions that are a result of a miscarriage. Nursing care for women who have experienced a perinatal loss has evolved and the developments have been evaluated in empirical studies, using both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Swanson's Nursing Care Theory has increased the patients' sense of well-being.


Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University