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In progress 2011 - 2014



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Women with diabetes are studied in the research project ‘Maternity and Diabetes’ This project was developed for MODIAB-WEB. In this project a web application for PCs and smartphones has been developed. This has been an interactive development with women with diabetes, healthcare providers, researchers and web developers. The process has developed from the needs of women who have diabetes and who also have had children. They need support in their daily lives and a social forum. This support forum has been developed through workshops, meetings, intense development and prototype testing. The data collection is now complete and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data are in progress.



  • Agneta Ranerup,
  • Carina Sparud-Lundin, Göteborgs universitet, Sahlgrenska akademin
  • Karolina Lindén, Göteborgs universitet, Sahlgrenska akademin
  • Marie Berg, Göteborgs universitet, Sahlgrenska akademin
  • Per-Göran Larsson, Skaraborgs sjukhus
  • Ulla-Britt Wennerholm, Västra Götalands läns landsting