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Patient centered and health economic drug treatment of elderly residing in nursing homes

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To many patient groups treatment with modern drugs has made great contribution to better life quality, less disabling symptoms and decreased demands of health care and better prognosis. Despite this, one can nowadays notice an increasing proportion of negative effects due to extensive pharmacological treatment especially of the elderly, for example; negative side effects, adverse drug reactions and a considerable increase in costs of drug treatment. The causes of this are many, for example; obscure indication, lacks in diagnostics and bad follow-up together with bad evaluation of the value of the drug effect.


Is it possible by a systematic method and systematic review to gain better drug use at nursing homes accompanied by decrease in polypharmacy, less adverse drug reactions and less drug interactions. Could this together with a mutual drug-prescribing list for each patient reduce the need of inpatient and health care consumption?


The intervention group consists of 4 nursing homes where the GP´s work by a systematic method for drug ordination and prescribing within purpose that drug treatment should be rational i e., there should be an inditreatment cation for the drug prescription and the effects should be followed -up and reevaluated. There are schedules for evaluation of the patients’ nutritional status, renal function and risk indicators due to drug treatment. Every patient was given an own patient carried drug-prescribing list while transferring between nursing homes, primary care and hospital care. The control group consists of 4 different nursing homes. The study period is 6 months with a second follow-up after another 6 months for the variables mortality and health care consumption.


1. Primary outcome: Health care consumption and mortality. 2. Secondary outcome: Number of drugs per patient, drug costs per nursing home,  drug interactions and drug related problems.

Actual status

8th March 2007 All data and variables are now collected and checked. The input is also finished and next step is the statistical process and evaluation.



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  • Region Örebro County