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Teenagers views on over the counter drugs

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In progress 2011 - 2012



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This project is done in collaboration with the Medical Products Agency in Sweden and Uppsala University.  The aim is to investigate teenagers’ views on and use of over the counter drugs (OTC) with special focus on analgesic drugs. Ten focus-group discussions with 77 teenagers from different geographic areas and form both theoretical and practical programs were conducted during the autumn 2011. The analysis revealed that teenagers often used OTC drugs in a casual way, and thought that OTC drugs were harmless as they were sold in retail stores.   Resultatet visade att ungdomarna ofta använde läkemedel på ett oreflekterat sätt, och ansåg receptfria läkemedel som ofarliga. Girls often brought analgesic drugs with them and could take them in public places, while boys expressed that they more often tried to endure the pain.  These findings are planned to form the basis for a larger survey on OTC drug use among adolescents.

Research funding bodies


  • Cecilia Bernsten, Uppsala universitet
  • Ingeborg Björkman, Uppsala universitet
  • Marta Röing, Uppsala universitet
  • Pia Bastholm-Rahmner, Stockholms läns landsting