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Paediatric health calls to Swedish healthcare direct

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This project is run in collaboration with Uppsala University.  The project is focused on how telenurses understand their work, and on paediatric health calls to Swedish healthcare direct,   from the perspective of the telenurses, the parents and the health care organization. We have shown that the most common reason for calling is infections, that mother callers are in majority ( 75% of callers), but fathers to a larger extent get a doctors’ appointment, while mother get self-care advice.   The calling parents expect respect, support and professional advice when calling.  Some telenurses’ perceive this to be their task, while other describe it as only assessing, referring or giving self-care advice.

Research funding bodies


  • Elenor Kaminsky, Uppsala universitet
  • Marianne Carlsson, Uppsala universitet och Högskolan i Gävle