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National telephon advice nursing - what goes wrong and why?

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In progress 2011 - 2013



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This project aims to study patient safety in Swedish Healthcare Direct, the national telephone advisory service, including studies of actual communication.  The assessment of symptoms and health care needs is complex and demand high  communicative competence of telenurses.  In the project, which is done in collaboration with Uppsala University, we analyse incident reports, malpractice claimed calls and the communication in such calls as compared to ordinary calls. We also study the experiences of involved managers and nurse when a call has been malpractice claimed. In addition, the influence of stress and the working conditions are studied

Research funding bodies


  • Annica Ernesäter,
  • Maria Engström, Hägskolan i Gävle
  • Marta Röing, Uppsala universitet
  • Ulrica Winblad, Uppsala universitet
  • Urban Rosenqvist, Uppsala universitet