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PRIC Postoperative recovery in children

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About this project

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The aim of the PriC project is in a population of 500 children undergoing tonsillectomy surgery, age 4-12 years, develop and psychometrically test a questionnaire assessing patient-reported postoperative recovery and to describe the child's and parent's experiences of the post-operative recovery. The PriC questionnaire has been developed from and inspired of an instrument for adults i.e. Quality of Recovery. The PriC questionnaire is developed in two versions: one "traditional" with written questions and answer and one with photo illustrated answers of each statement i.e. "comic book" format. The PriC questionnaire is going to be validated against Post Hospital Behaviour Questionnaire and by interviewing 20 children about their experiences of the post-operative recovery as well as 20 parents about how they experienced their child's postoperative recovery.


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Research Teams

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  • Ann-Catrine Bramhage, Malmö högskola
  • Anne Wennick, Malmö högskola
  • Ewa Idvall, Malmö högskola och Skånes universitetssjukhus
  • Lars Brundin, Hälsouniversitetet i Linköping