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The Center for Developmental Research (CDR) is a research organization in developmental psychology dealing with various aspects of human functioning and development. Longitudinal research, or research that follows the same people over time, is the hallmark of the research. The focus is late childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. Much of CDR's adolescent research concerns understanding the development of externalizing and internalizing problems among young people, parenting, peer relations, and contextual conditions for good or poor social and psychological adjustment. The focus for research on early adulthood is civic and political socialization. The purpose of the studies conducted in the center is to study risk and protective factors in development: physical health, leisure activities, peer, teacher, and parent relationships, school adjustment, general adjustment, social networks, personality, antisocial behavior. The aim is to gain insights both into to negative trajectories but also good development paths over time.

The Center is part of an umbrella organization known as Youth and Society (YeS). YeS is a multidisciplinary organization including researchers in Psychology, Political Science and Media and Communication. The collaboration within YeS involve longitudinal studies of hos interest in politics and society, and civic engagement, develop from early adolescence into adulthood.


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