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Karuna Dahlberg

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Postoperativ återhämtningResearch in postoperative care involves both the patient’s perspective (children and adults) as well as the professional’s perspective. Research in postoperative care includes clinical interventions, psychometric, qualitative and quantitative studies. 

The following projects are ongoing in postoperative care:

  • A web-based intervention to improving the care o children in relation to tonsil surgery
  • National guidelines for pharmacological treatment in children after tonsil-surgery - the implementation and evaluation process
  • Digital follow up of postoperative recover after day surgery, RAPP - Recovery Assessment by Phone Points
  • Self-efficacy and health literacy impact on outcome after bariatric surgery
  • The association between eHealth literacy and postoperative recovery in Swedish speaking vs non-Swedish speaking persons undergoing surgery
  • Role and competence of the nurse working at the PACU
  • Postoperative recovery in adults undergoing surgery
  • Health related quality of life and life situation among patients with pectus excavatum
  • Family health promotion and family involvement in connection with open-heart surgery
  • Effective postoperative pain management in children after tonsil surgery: barriers and possible solutions

Research funding bodies

  • Majblomman Foundation
  • Region Örebro County
  • Swedish Research Council
  • Örebro University