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Moa Wahlqvist

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The research group conducts interdisciplinary patient oriented research in dual sensory loss/deafblindness. The research encompasses various areas such as genetics, hearing, vision, balance, cognition and psycho-social research. Specific syndromes are Usher syndrome, Alstrom syndrome, CHARGE syndrome and others. The research is carried out at the Audiological Research Centre, University Hospital in Örebro and in close collaboration with the Department of Audiology, Örebro University Hospital. The research group also collaborates with international genetic laboratories and universities. The researchers have different professional backgrounds as ophthalmologists, ENT- physicians, audiologists, psychologists, sociologists, engineers and others. The Audiological Research Centre have one of the world’s largest clinical data bases for persons with Usher syndrome. The research is conducted with external grants where a 10 year old VR-grant Linnaeus-HEAD (Hearing And Deafness) within the Swedish Institute for Disability Research (SIDR) is a foundation.