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Social and Political Studies on Climate Change (SPSCC)

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About this team

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Climate change is one of the most complex challenges facing our social, scientific, and political structures today. It is inflicted by scientific uncertainty, goal ambiguity, multi-level governance and, political- and social conflicts that involve all levels/scales of societal organization – from everyday decisions by individuals, households, and local communities to high politics in global negotiations and institutions. Climate change is just as much a social and political phenomenon as a natural science phenomenon, and, thus, requires social and political research.
SPSCC is a multi-disciplinary research network at Örebro University dedicated to the study of social and political dimensions of climate change. The network involves researchers from the disciplines of Education, Ethics, Human Geography, Media and Communication Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. 
The aim of the SPSCC is to provide a focal point for studies on climate change, environmental problems, and sustainable development at Örebro University; supporting disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and education on these issues and to help further research co-operation among its members. SPSCC arranges regular seminars with invited researchers and practitioners.

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