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Firstly professor Göran Lind participates in a Nordic family law project on cohabitation law together with professor John Asland, University of Oslo, professor Margareta Brattström, University of Uppsala,  professor Ingrid Lund-Andersen, University of Copenhagen, professor Tone Sverdrup, University of Oslo and professor Anna Singer, University of Uppsala. The results of the project are published in a book, Nordic Cohabitation Law, Intersentia, Antwerp-Oxford-New York.

Secondly professor Lind is engaged in a project, where he is commissioned to speculate on the future of Swedish family law, including marriage law, cohabitation law, inheritance law and child law. The result will be published in a jubilee book, to the 100 Anniversary of Svensk Juristtidning, Iustus in 2016.

Thirdly the doctoral candidate Karin Kulin-Olsson is writing a thesis on the developments of the Swedish inheritance law.