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Administrative law/Social Welfare Law

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About this team

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Kerstin Nordlöf

Research Subject

Professor Kerstin Nordlöf research focus on children as an offender or a victim in a narrow and a broader perspective. With reference to social welfare law she has been studying the effect of debt restructuring on children and responsibility for child abuse within foster care.

Senior Lecturer Ulrika Sandén runs a project entitled Health Law: Privacy in Shared Electronic Health Records.

Anna Gustafsson is a lecturer focusing on administrative law with particular focus on law relating to the educational system.

In the project Compulsive care of pregnant abusers is the doctorate student Jeanna Hoffman carrying out a comparative study. The study aims at to investigate on what conditions, the well-being of the unborn child or the pregnant abuser, may legitimate the enforcement of compulsive care. The comparative part of the study deals with how other legal systems have solved this issue. The supervisors are Professor Kerstin Nordlöf and Professor Annina H. Persson. 



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  • Örebro University