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International Health and Health Economics

About this team

About this team

This research group includes several research projects based on many different aspects of health around the world. International health is the health of populations in a global context.

Maternal and child health are one of the most prioritized issues of the World Bank, WHO and other UN organizations targeting mainly low and middle income countries. Healthcare mainly delivery care utilization is important. Health care facilities targeting maternal and child health should be explored both from service-users and service-providers perspectives. Health system research is an important area in this regard. Maternal and neonatal death review (MNDR) is very important for protecting mothers and neonatal in long term perspective. Low income countries are lagged behind, especially for research, policy and implementation issues. Quality improvement system for maternal and neonatal health at health care facilities should be duly emphasized.

Health behavior changes and health education are getting due importance in many countries, especially for non-communicable diseases. Health economic studies are very important for policy making and shaping. Economic evaluation and analysis provides public health research, implementation and polices a solid scientific base for strengthening the decision making. Equity analysis for healthcare utilization provides us actual scenario of distribution of scared resources.

Injury prevention and safety promotion are now an important public health issue. Injuries not only affect the individual, it also affects families, communities and countries. World Health Organization has put enormous effort for injury prevention.

Safety is a state in which hazards and conditions leading to physical, psychological or material harm are controlled. According to WHO Safety promotion is the process applied at a local, national and international level by individuals, communities, governments and others, including enterprises and non-governmental organizations, to develop and sustain safety.

Road traffic injuries are a global public health problem. Burden of road traffic injuries are enormous. Prevention of road traffic injuries needs strong collaborations and policies. Economic analyses of road traffic injuries are important.

Violence against women and children are widespread cutting all societies, cultures and countries. WHO has developed several strategies and programs for violence prevention. Country level analysis of violence data, economic analysis of violence related issues are important. Bullying prevention is also an important program. Elderly abuse is getting due emphasize in many EU countries. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is one of the most prevalent women health problems in many countries.

Child injury prevention is one of the most prioritized issues in many countries. School safety program is an important agenda. Spinal cord injuries, eye injuries are not getting due emphasize from the policy makers in many low and middle income countries. Quality of health, rehabilitation, societal supports and polices are important.

Centre for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (CIPSP) – Support centre of World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion.

  • Safe Hospital Program (worldwide)
  • Safe Campus Program (worldwide)
  • Safe Community



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