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Center for Sustainable Business (CSB)

About this team

Center for Sustainable Business is the Örebro University center for research in sustainable business and business ethics. The purpose of CSB is to do research and development and to offer education in the fields of circular economy, business ethics, transparency and sustainable value chains. The vision of CSB is a future sustainable economy that supports the development of a fossil-free and sustainable society without compromising the welfare, economy, nature and quality of life of neither current nor future generations. Our vision is inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

CSB comprise four research nodes. In CSB Circular Economy we investigate, for example, circular resource flows and circular business models. In CSB Business Ethics we investigate issues concerning business ethics and ethical codes of conduct, etc. In CSB Transparency we do research on sustainability accounting, compliance and communication, and in CSB Value Chain we do research on sustainable logistics, and supply chains. See each node’s own webpages for more detailed information.

Center for Sustainable Business brings together multi-disciplinary teams of researchers and industry leaders to increase the knowledge of a sustainable economy and business life.

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Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Research Council Formas
  • Region Örebro County
  • Vinnova
  • Örebro University