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Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in Sweden and each year, about 10,000 men are diagnosed with the disease. Even though prostate cancer is so common, the etiology behind the disease is largely unknown. Established risk factors are increasing age, a family history of prostate cancer, and ethnicity. Lately it has also been suggested that chronic inflammation, due to e.g. infection, could be a factor leading to an increased risk for developing tumours of the prostate.

Prostate cancer is a very heterogeneous disease, where some men have a very slow growing tumour (indolent disease), while others have a very aggressive fast growing tumour. One of the biggest problems with prostate cancer management today, is how to separate between these two types of disease (indolent and aggressive) already at time of diagnosis. Since there is no good tool for this type of separation today, we have a large overtreatment of patients with prostate cancer.

The research conducted within the environment of Urological cancers is focused on understanding the initiation and progression of prostate cancer.

Research funding bodies

  • Lions Cancer Research Fund in Uppsala (Lions Cancerforskningsfond)
  • The Nilsson-Ehle Endowments
  • Swedish Fund Nyckelfonden
  • The Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation
  • Längman Culture Foundation