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School of Health Sciences

Halftime seminar: Annika Imhagen, medical science with a specialization in healthcare sciences

10 February 2023 09:00 – 11:00 X2409, Campus USÖ

Annika Imhagen holds her halftime seminar. Working title: "Treatment and experiences of obesity"

Working title: Treatment and experiences of obesity

My Engström, Göteborg University
Maria Jaensson, Örebro University

Chairperson: Elisabeth Westerdahl, Örebro University

Language: The presentation will be in Enligsh, but the following discussion will be in Swedish. 

Sign up for the seminar here no later than 2 February, in order to recieve the manuscript a week before the seminar.

You can follow the seminar live online. Click here to start Zoom

Information about the doctoral work:

Obesity is a chronic disease whose prevalence is increasing in many countries globally. Treatment of obesity consists of lifestyle changes in combination with drugs or bariatric surgery. It is difficult to change lifestyle habits and to maintain them long-term, and treatment results are often unsatisfactory.

The purpose of the doctoral work is to evaluate different forms of treatment for people with obesity and to study experiences of those living with obesity before and after treatment.

Methods: Qualitative interview studies, longitudinal observational study and randomized controlled clinical trial.