School of Health Sciences

Associate professor Leen Haerens

Keynote Speaker
SVEBI Konferens 2016

"Motivational dynamics in physical education and sport: a self-determination theory perspective."

Leen Haerens is Associate Professor in Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy at Ghent University, Department of Movement and Sports Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.  She is one of the leading scholars in Belgium and Europe to examine the relevance of Self-Determination Theory (SDT), a broad theory on human motivation, in the context of physical education and sports. She has particularly acquired expertise with respect to the development of self-report and observation scales that tap into teachers’ motivating style, and with the development of SDT-based intervention studies. Also, in her work, she moves beyond self-reports by including objective measures of physical activity, engagement, and performance. During the past years, she has published over 50 scientific manuscripts.​