School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Parallell sessions

Wednesday 13 November


Session 1a (Language policy)

Room P216

Session 1b (Language and Gender)

Room P218


To be included or not - Activist language policies in (Swedish) anti-discriminatory organizations
Mats Landqvist, Södertörn University, Sweden

Cross-Cultural and Gender Differences of Arab Students Using Politeness in Their English Written Email Requests to Professors
Fatemah Alsaffar, Public Authority of Applied Education and Technology, Kuwait


National Minority Laws in Sweden and Why We Have Them
Gregor Kweik, Haninge Municipality, Sweden

Robust Knights and Brittle Princess Gender Stereotypes in Textbooks on Biology and Related School Subjects
Daniel Sunderland, University of Warsaw, Poland


Session 2a (Language and Education)

Room P216

Session 2b (Minority Languages)

Room P218


Linguistic Discrimination on University Campuses

Gaillynn Clements, Duke University, US

Mother Tongue Influence on learning English as a Foreign Language

Mohammed Marzuq Abubakari, University of Applied Management, Ghana


Accent Bias in International Higher Education

Dozie Ugbaja, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Bridging the Lexical Gaps: A strategy for Igbo language revitalization

Roseline Onyinyechi Uka, Franka Anwa, Ebonyi State College of Education Ikwo, Nigeria


Developing and accessing a vicarious contact school intervention aiming at prejudice-reduction through first-person narratives of intergroup friendship

Viivi Mäkinen, Karmela Liebkind, University of Helsinki, Finland

Multilingualism and India: A Political Dichotomy

Ayan Ghosh, University of Calcutta, India

Thursday 14 November


Session 3a (Language and Discrimination)

Room: P216

Session 3b (Language and Gender)

Room: P243


Caste Contaminated Language – A Study of Select languages India

Sujit Malick, The University of Burdwan, India

The representation of gender in language: a semantic and diffusion study of English gendered neologisms 

Océane Foubert, Université de Lille, France


“Caged like animals” – The Role of Animacy and Agency in the Depiction of Refugees in German Media

Miriam Schmidt-Jüngst, University of Mainz, Germany

Gender prejudices in qualifying adjectives in English and Swedish 

Maarten Lemmens, Université de Lille, France



Cross-cultural Influences on Linguistic Gender Stereotypes and their Effects on Perception

Mattias Östling, Örebro Universitet, Sweden


Session 4a (Language and Identity)

Room: P216

Session 4b (Language and Gender in the Workplace)

Room: P243


Language Politics in North East Writing: Locating Indigenous Authors Writing in Asomiya

Sarat Kumar Jena, Centurion University of Technology and Management, India

Pride and prejudice: Languages in the workplace

Carla Jonsson, Stockholms University, Sweden


“¡Hablamos mejor que los otros!” – Comparing Language Attitudes and Linguistic Identity in Uruguay

Lotta Christiansen, TU Dortmund, Germany

Language and Gender- Discourse Analysis of Women in Leadership Roles in India

Usha Nair, SNDT Women's University, India


“Combatting Stereotyping by Evoking Stereotypes” - practical, theoretical and ethical dilemmas encountered in the VR-funded project Raising Awareness through Virtual Experiencing (RAVE)

Mats Deutschmann, Anders Steinvall, Örebro universitet & Umeå Universitet, Sweden



Session 5a (Multilingualism and Media)

Room: P216

Session 5b (Prejudice and Media)

Room: P243


Multilingualism and linguistic landscape of St. Petersburg

Vlada Baranova, National Research University, Russia

Who is prejudiced, who discriminates, and who are their targets? A corpus-based social actor analysis of prejudice and discrimination in the UK press

Laura Paterson, The Open University, UK


Raising Awareness through Virtual Experiencing Methods

Satish Patel, Umeå University, Sweden

Mediatized Taiwan Mandarin - The role televised media in the formation of speaker stereotypes

Chun-Yi Peng, Borough of Manhattan Community College, US


Values and Attitudes of Nordic Language Teachers Towards Second Language Education

Helge Räihä, Christina von Post, Örebro University, Sweden

Multiculturalism and Diversity: A Study of Stereotypes in Nigerian Stand-up Comedy Performances

Saheed Oke Raheem, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria