Creating, Using and Publishing Research Data and digital Collections in the History of Education

ISCHE 42 2021 online pre-conference workshop

The Workshop will address three main issues focusing on research data and infrastructures for data driven research in the history of education.

a) Creation and provision of digital collections or data bases - the origin of which can be either "research driven" or "curation driven" (e.g. digital editions, inventory database, repositories with computer interfaces, ...).

b) Research with digital data in the history of education and production or provision of research data by museums, archives, libraries or their cooperation (e.g. work with or support of work with research data (e.g. TEI/XML, application of automatic text or image analysis, integration of geo-coordinates, ...).

c) Ways and benefits of publishing research data, obstacles and opportunities for academic recognition (e.g. Zenodo, project website, Researchgate, data journal).

Submission of proposals is open until 30 April. There will be about 10 minutes for the presentation, followed by a discussion.

Submit proposals to: Stefanie Kollmann (mail: This is an email address)