Standing Working Groups

ISCHE LogoThe Standing Working Groups (SWG) are small, thematically organized research groups within ISCHE, designed to coordinate research and discussion on a set topic, guided by specific research goals, for a set period of time. SWGs are automatically granted two parallel session slots on the programme of each ISCHE annual conference (in ISCHE Byelaws).

Please note that all proposals must be submitted through the conference electronic system by selecting the respective SWG. You can find more on any below-mentioned SWG here

Observatory for the History of Education (2019 – 2024)
Convenors:  Thérèse Hamel (Canada), Lajos Somogyvári (Hungary); Marisa Bittar (Brazil)
CfP Observatory for the History of Education

Material Hermeneutics and Remediation as Challenges in Visual Studies in Histories of Education (2018-2023)
Convenors: Tim Allender (University of Sydney Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), Inés Dussel (Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute, Cinvestav, Mexico City), Ian Grosvenor (University of Birmingham School of Education), Karin Priem Luxembourg (Centre for Contemporary and Digital History University of Luxembourg).
CfP Material Hermeneutics and Remediation as Challenges...

Gendering Local, National, Regional, Transnational and Supra-National Histories of Education
Convenors: Kay Whitehead (School of Education, Flinders University), Rebecca Rogers (Université Paris Descartes)
CfP Gendering the Local...

History of Educational Funding: Models, Debates and Policies in an International Perspective (1800-2000)
Convenors: Clémence Cardon-Quint (University of Bordeaux), Damiano Matasci (University of Lausanne), Johannes Westberg (Örebro University)
CfP History of Educational Funding

Growing up in out-of-home care: Histories of children and youths in foster families and residential homes
Convenors:Joëlle Droux (University of Geneva), Jeroen J.H. Dekker (University of Groningen), Els Dumortier (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Aurore François (Université Catholique de Louvain), David Niget (Université d’Angers)
CfP Growing up in out of home

Migrants, Migration and Education
Convenors: Kevin Myers (GB), Paul Ramsey (US), Helen Proctor (AU)
CfP Migrants, migration and education

Reformism(s), Progressivism(s), Conservatism(s) in education: what critical argumentations? (REFORPRO)
Convenors : A. Robert (France), F. Mole (Geneva), J. Pintassilgo (Portugal)

History of Laic Education: Concepts, Policies and Practices Around the World
Convenors: Adelina Arredondo (Mexico), Bruno Poucet (France), Felicitas Acosta (Argentina)
CfP History of Laic Education