School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Parallel Presentation and Discussion sessions

Tuesday, 28 March, 13.30 – 15.00 

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Session 1:1 Translanguaging and technology

Room F 130, session leader: Oliver St John

Translanguaging practices in an online beginners' foreign language classroom
First presenter: Lina Adinolfi

Translanguaging space in an educational game
First Presenter: Gudrun Svensson. Second presenter: Sofie Nilsson 

Translanguaging as enabling pedagogical and social participation: The example of Roma Translanguaging Enquiry learning Space
First presenters: Heather Smith, Leena Robertson

Session 1:2 Multilingualism as a resource
Room F 147, Session leader: Jenny Rosén

Newly arrived young people’s introductory program – becoming qualified for national program
Ann-Christin Torpsten

Translanguaging in a multimodal multilingual school for deaf and hard of hearing pupils
First presenter: Lina Jerpö. Second presenter: Ulrika Hallqvist

Translanguaging revisited. Pedagogical and theoretical implications based on an inquiry in two Belgian classrooms
Kirsten Rosiers