School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Parallel Presentation and Discussion sessions

Wednesday, 29 March, 10.30 – 12.00 

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Session 3:1 Bi- and multilingual education and identity

Room F 130, session leader: Karin Allard

Translanguaging: Preferences and practices of Afrikaans L1 speakers in an English-medium subject-specific academic literacy module
Adelia Carstens

Translanguaging space and bilingual development in the Swedish school
First presenter: Gudrun Svensson. Second presenter: Ann-Christin Torpsten

Multilingualism as a resource: New perspectives on teaching in a multilingual school
First presenter: Josefin Nilsson. Second presenter: Maria Aversjö, Anders Sallmann

Session 3:2 Diversity, languaging and translanguaging space

Room F 147, Session leader: Marianne Skoog

Multilingual Spaces? Language Practices in English Classrooms: a project presentation
Marie Källkvist

Spaces for translanguaging in the discourse of mother tongue tuition
First presenter: Jenny Rosén. Second presenters: Nigar Sadig, Boglárka Straszer, Åsa Wedin

Newly arrived pupils and translanguaging
Oliver St John