School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Parallel Presentation and Discussion sessions

Tuesday, 28 March, 15.30 – 17.00 

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Session 2:1 Translanguaging as learning environment

Room F 130, session leader: Carin Roos 

Learning fractions in two languages: Translanguaging between Maltese and English in a Grade 4 classroom
Marie Therese Farrugia

Languaging, identiting, diversity and neologisms. Reflections on the mobilization of terminologies in the 21st century
First presenter: Giulia Messina Dahlberg

Literacy and translanguaging in second language learning
Else Marie Hǿie 

Session 2:2 Language policy and translanguaging pedagogy

Room F 147, Session leader: Karin Allard

Translanguaging in learning and teaching at a Japanese as a Heritage Language (JHL) School
Nahoko Mulvey

Recognition of Multilingual teaching and Learning in Swiss Secondary Schools
First presenter: Edina Krompàk. Second presenter: Sebastian Jünger

Translanguaging as emancipatory educational practice
First presenter: Heather Smith. Second presenter: Leena Robertson