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Language and Prejudice

The focus of this symposium will be “Language and Prejudice”. Prejudice is typically based on socially constructed ideas of identity, such as ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, etc. Language bias and stereotyping (negative or positive) is a key component in this practice.

About the Conference

The conference is a co-arrangement by The Swedish Research Council, The Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation, Örebro University

Date: 13-15 November 2019

Fee: Free Admission, Lunch and Conference Dinner


We invite educators and researchers to submit abstracts including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Language discrimination/bias
  • Language diversity and pedagogy
  • Dialect/Accent Bias
  • Language and immigration
  • Cross-cultural aspects and language bias
  • Intersectionality of identities and language
  • Inherent bias built into language structures
  • Language bias in policies and legislation


  • Abstract submissions open 1 May, 2019.
  • Abstract submissions closes 15 July, 2019.
  • Notification of accepted abstracts: 31 July, 2019.
  • Registration closes 8 October 2019. 

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Jane Sunderland extra liten.pngDr. Jane Sunderland was the Director of Studies of the PhD in Applied Linguistics by Thesis and Coursework programme 2000-2012. Her main research interest is discourse, language and gender. From 1988 until 1991 Jane was a tutor in the Institute for English Language Education, Lancaster University.



Dr. Tamara Rakić is a lecturer of Lancaster University. Her research interests includes: Influence of accents on person perception and social categorization, language and culture in social psychology, and relations between language and social identity



Note that this conference will build on, and further develop, the research we are currently conducting in two major projects:

VR funded Raising Awareness through Virtual Experiencing

MAW-funded A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Raising of Awareness through Virtual Experiencing

Both projects address the challenge of increasing sociolinguistic awareness regarding language and stereotyping/bias/prejudice in an accelerating multicultural landscape.
For more information regarding RAVE/CRAVE and related research, please contact This is an email address or This is an email address

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