School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

The Organizing Committee

Based on a common interest in historical perspectives on Swedish women and humanitarian aid, we, a group of researchers from Örebro University and Lund University initiated a collaboration in the autumn of 2018. At Historikermötet, in May 2019, we organized a panel discussion entitled "Women and humanitarian aid during the short 20th century: a gender and rights perspective". The panel discussion resulted in fruitful conversations about the nature of humanitarian work during different time periods and in different contexts. Our hope is that this, by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond generously supported, symposium will serve as a meeting place for researchers interested in the subject where discussions about it can further expand and deepen.

  • Izabela Dahl, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in History, Örebro University
  • Sanela Bajramović, PhD in History and Senior Lecturer in Education, Örebro University
  • James Lancaster, PhD Candidate in History, Örebro University
  • Lina Sturfelt, PhD in History and Senior Lecturer in Human Rights, Lund University
  • Maria Småberg, PhD in History and Senior Lecturer in Peace and Conflict, Lund University