Invited symposia chairs


Chair Title
Sevgi Bayram Özdemir, Ph D, Senior Lecturer. Discussant: Brit Oppedal, Ph D, Senior Scientist

Living Together: The Role of School Context in Immigrant and Native Youth's Attitudes, Friendships, and Adjustment. A Research Symposium.

Sven Bremberg, Ph D, Associate Professor 

Might SEL programmes affect mental health at the population level? A roundtable discussion

Carmel Cefai, Ph D, Professor

Teacher education for equity and social inclusion: A Research Symposium

Helen Cowie, Ph D, Professor and Carrie-Anne Myers, Ph D, Senior Lecturer

Does diversity in society inevitably lead to a rise in bullying, intolerance and discrimination? A Research Symposium.

Kathy Evans, Ph D, Senior Lecturer Diversity in Schools: Exploring Trends, Linkages and Nuances in Education Practice: A Research Symposium.
Neil Humphrey, Ph D, Professor  Assessing children and young people's outcomes across the full SPECTRUM. A workshop 
Carmen Huser,PhD candidate  Children’s demonstration of their competences and agency in research participation
Research symposium
Alli Klapp, Ph D, Senior Lecturer  Students´ perceived self-concept and response to academic demands in school and the consequences on students´ achievement and mental health 
Renata Miljevic-Ridicki, Ph D, Professor  RESCUR in kindergarten. A Research Symposium
Annalisa Morganti, Ph D, Associate Professor 

Improving inclusion: An evidence based, social emotional approach

Celeste Simoes, Ph D, Professor 

Social emotional learning practices across ages in Portugal

Ylva Svensson, Ph D, post doc researcher  Truly diverse school classes - what can we do? A Research Symposium