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School of Medical Sciences

Applying for doctoral studies

If you want to apply for doctoral studies at the School of Health Sciences and the School of Medical Sciences, there are two options:

  1. Doctoral studies with a doctoral studentship at Örebro University
    The doctoral studentship is a tailor-made employment to facilitate doctoral studies. You are able to apply for a doctoral studentship when such a vacancy is advertised by following the instructions in the advert.

  2. Doctoral studies with external/other types of funding
    The University will also accept applicants with other types of funding if the University finds that the funding can be guaranteed throughout the length of the programme and that the applicant can spend the required amount of time on his/her studies so as to enable completion of the programme on at least a half-time basis. Applying for doctoral studies with external/other types of funding.

Dates for application

Admission of doctoral students with external/other forms of funding usually occur four times per semester.

Last day for application for each admission meeting in 2020:

  • January 12th for admission meeting on February 11th
  • February 12th for admission meeting on March 10th
  • March 14th for admission meeting on April 14th
  • April 8th for admission meeting on May 12th
  • August 15th for admission meeting on September 15th
  • September 20th for admission meeting on October 20th
  • October 27th for admission meeting on November 19th
  • November 19th for admission meeting on December 17th

When the last day for application for the upcoming admission meeting has passed, the next period for application will immediately open.