School of Science and Technology

RGB-D Analysis of Plant Growth

Motivation and Scope

The goal of this project is to create growth curves of different plant paths based on timelapse imagery derived from RGB-D cameras. Automated tracking of the growth of plants is an important research topic and there has been considerable effort in deriving the key building blocks of such a system. However, there is no existing application that provides an end-to-end working system.

Specific Tasks:

This project will develop a pipeline for processing camera and/or RGB-D timelapse data from plants in a greenhouse to create growth curves. The pipeline will be tested and evaluated on existing RGB-D plant datasets.

Necessary Skills:

Good programming skills, with knowledge of Python being an advantage. An understanding of computer vision and image processing is also an advantage.


Experience with programming, computer vision, and 3D data analysis in an essential industry sector which is rapidly innovating and automating.


Stephanie Lowry and Polina Kurtser