Örebro research providing robots with eyes

Technology from Örebro University will help autonomous robots to work remotely with challenging tasks. This knowledge is instrumental in the production of underwater robots.
“The customers that first come to mind are in the oil and gas industry,” says Jimmy Jonsson at Saab Dynamics.

Researcher Da Sun at Örebro University, via the AI.MEE project Autodive has developed technologies for the remote control of robots.

”This provides the operator the possibility of controlling one or more robot arms to perform a task underwater," explains Da Sun.

Large fleet

In the project, he has been supported by Saab Dynamics, who themselves already have a large fleet of underwater robots. Jimmy Jonsson, image processing specialist and innovation leader at Saab Dynamics’ Innovation Office, believes that research at Örebro University is especially useful for the company.

“The biggest challenge within robotics is autonomy – getting several agents to cooperate. Many tend to take too large a step when solving problems. But Da breaks it down in a good way”, says Jimmy Jonsson.

Da Sun’s goal is that the technology will be advanced enough so that the robots can recognise their surroundings.

“The technology provides robots with eyes that let them identify the whole world, its environment and tasks.”

Strong connection

Gas, oil and telecommunication are just a few examples of industries that use underwater robots. Robots are also vital when working in sensitive water environments, which must not be contaminated, like water tanks and marine environments.

Project Autodive is a collaboration between Örebro University, Alfred Nobel Science Park, Region Örebro County and Saab Dynamics, with funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

“We hope to begin a more extensive collaboration between us and Örebro University. There are very many fascinating technologies being developed here at the university that have a strong connection to our products,” says Jimmy Jonsson.

Text and photo: Mikael Åberg
Translation: Jerry Gray