Gastronomic test environments

The research area is about promoting a sustainable and healthy food choice to be the preferred one in broad groups of the population. The focus is on studying how plant-baset protein containing food, also in terms of meat-replacement, is perceived by the consumer in various real restaurant and food serving settings and how its pleasantness can be improved. Included are also investigations and suggestions on ways to improve recipes for plant-based protein containing meals. The various restaurant settings are also used for studying social reinforcement, among others, as part of Area 3. 

This research area is led by Prof. Åsa Öström at Örebro University (ORU) and associate leader Mikael Jorstig at Region Örebro County (RÖL). Scientists from ORU and UU are involved, as well as main participating non-academic organisations such as Coor, ICA, Max, SFF, Örebro Municipality and Region Örebro County.