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Education as Science, 15 credits

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  • Education

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Course Syllabus



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27 October 2020 - 31 March 2020


Course content

The course provides an overview of the growth of Education with the specific focus on the Swedish context and the current Swedish and international research situation. The course consists of four sections: curriculum theory, ethics, educational history and didactics.

The curriculum theory section provides knowledge of central Swedish and international traditions in curriculum theory and current development trends in the field. In particular, the growth of Swedish pedagogy and relation to Swedish education and school reforms will be highlighted. The course also deals with the relationship between curriculum theory and didactics.

The ethics section deals with the implications of research ethical assessments, both in general and our own research.

The educational history section deals with the emergence of institutionalized education and scientific studies in educational history. Particular focus is on the transnational history of the educational system and educational research. This section also deals with the historical perspectives of possibilities to shed light on, analyzing and interpreting both the past and present events.

The didactic section deals with the development of didactic research and its different perspectives on teaching and learning. Research approaches, theories, models and typologies that are central to both national and international didactic research are also dealt with in this section.

Course information

The course will start October 27, 2020 and last until March 2021. Dates for spring semester is not decided yet.

The course is given in English. 


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