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Introduction to Applied History of Education, 7,5 credits

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  • Education

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus



Course date

September 2020


Course description

The course provides an introduction to educational history research and deals with the question of what applied educational history is and can be. The course covers the following areas:
- the development of the field of educational history in Sweden and internationally,
- the relationship between educational history and pedagogy, and
- applied educational history and the various functions of educational history research.

Practical information:

The course is given in English and conducted via Zoom.

Admission to the course:

The applicant must be admitted to the graduate school in the applied educational history or admitted to one of the departments that are part of the graduate school. First to be admitted to the course are doctoral students who are admitted to the graduate school in applied educational history. In second hand doctoral students who are affiliated with the graduate school will be admitted, and in third hand doctoral students admitted to one of the departments included in the graduate school.

Number of participants: Maximum 15

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