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Doctoral course

Suicidology for doctoral students, 3 credits

Suicidologi för forskarstuderande, 3 hp

Course information

Research education subject

  • Medical Science

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

Course period

September 2023 - October 2023

Course content

The focus of the course is that the doctoral student will increase their knowledge in suicidology as a research topic. It is an advantage (but not an obligation) if the doctoral student has a dissertation project that concerns suicide in some aspect. The course also includes practical application of suicide risk assessment. The goal is for the doctoral student, based on previous research, to acquire knowledge of theories and methods in the current research area. The course will also provide an opportunity to reason together about ethical approach and other issues that may arise during research studies in the field of suicide.

Course information

The course is given once a year if there are a sufficient number of qualified applicants.

The course in Suicidology for doctoral students in the fall of 2022 has ended and planning for the next opportunity, in the fall of 2023, is underway. The course is planned to be given again for 6 weeks at half speed in autumn 2023. Dates will be published at the end of January 2023.

During the course, the doctoral student writes a short individual assignment, gives an oral presentation of this assignment and opposes to someone else's presentation.

Admission requirements

To gain access to the course and complete the examinations included in the course, the applicant must be admitted to a doctoral programme.


The application to autumn 2023 is not open yet.


Course coordinator: Tabita Sellin Jönsson

Examiner: Karin Blomberg

Course administration: This is an email address