Buddy application

For the autumn semester 2021 you can apply for becoming a Buddy for our international Master’s students. As a Buddy you do support the international office in organizing and conduction the introduction programme for all students that will arrive this autumn to read one of the English taught Master’s programmes.

As a Buddy for the international Master’s students, all the communication will be in English. The introduction programme will be planned during the spring semester and be implemented in the begining of the autumn semester 2021. 

By filling out and sending this form you register your interest for being a Buddy for International Masters. The International Student Assistant will then contact you to tell you if you are offered a position as a Buddy or if you will be on the reserve-list.

A confirmation of your application will be sent to the email address (see below) after the form has been filled out and sent in

If you have any questions regarding being a Buddy for the international Master’s students, please contact the student assistant Katrin Wieder at This is an email address.

Buddy application HT21

It is not decided so far if the Introduction Programme will be held digitally, blended or physically. Does this affect your interest in applying as a Buddy?

Buddy Education

To be able to attend the Introduction Programme as a Buddy you have to complete a Buddy education. The Buddy education English language will take place on April 27, 2021.

If you participated in the Buddy education/training held during the autumn semester 2019 or later you don't need to participate again

Can you participate on the fadder education April 27?

Buddy T-Shirt

In order so that the new students will be easily able to recognize you during activities we would like if our Buddies would wear a Buddy T-Shirt. This T-Shirt costs around 140 kr (price from the spring 2020) and need to be payed by the Buddies themselves.

Is that something that would be okay for you?


I am aware that by sending in this form I, as a Buddy, will be a part of the welcoming of new students. I will at all times be a good ambassador for for Örebro Student Union, Örebro University and the city of Örebro. I will always keep in mind the four key concepts of the introduction: sense of security, participation, joy and respect.

I agree to be present at planned Buddy meetings. During the introduction I will be present and be a part of all activities that I am responsible for or be responsible to find my own replacement. If I choose to decline or to drop out of my Buddyship I must immediately inform the international student assistant, in order to find a replacement.

By sending in this form I have applied for Buddyship. This does not mean that I have been accepted as a Buddy but rather that I will be under consideration by the International Student Assistan to become a buddy. The International Student Assistant will decide if I get to represent the International Masters during the autumn semester of 2021. 

Information about your personal data:

By sending this application, I agree that Örebro University handles my personal information in this form for the introduction program autumn semester 2020, during the time that the introduction program is administrated.

We will share the information that you have given with the Introduction officer, the International studentassistent and Örebro Student Union. We may also share the information with other people in charge if necessary. Your information will be deleted within 6 months after the end of the orientation programme.

You can, at any time, change and delete your personal information by contacting This is an email address

For more information about how Örebro university handels personal data, click here.