Raid the campus

21 January 2020 17:30 – 19:30 Kraka Fountain


The battle of who the worst villian truly are is about to start

Every bad guy knows that in order to create absolute chaos, you need to know your surroundings well… for this activity, you will compete with your fadder group against the other groups. You will be given a list of tasks that you will do together in order to earn points. The tasks will help you familiarize yourself with the locations at Örebro university, and the more difficult the task - the more points you will earn! But the race is not only a race to win points, but also a race against time! You only have a limited time to perform as many tasks as you can together with your squad...

The points you win in this activity will be added to your overall group score. At the end of the OP, the group with the highest score will sit on the Throne of Chaos.