Statistics, Sample Survey Methodology, Second Cycle, 7,5 Credits

This is a supplementary course to a first basic course in sampling methodology on an advanced level. The contents are focused on the estimation problem under non-response and measurement error problems. The course begins with an advanced discussion of general regression estimation for different sample designs. After that advanced methods for estimation of non-response and measurement errors are studied. Among other issues methods of estimation based on the calibration approach as well as techniques for examination and editing of data are dealt with.

Assessments: The course can be assessed through written examination, take-home examination, compulsory course components, paper, essay and/or oral examination.

ECTS Credits

7,5 Credits

Level of education

Second cycle, has second-cycle course/s as entry requirements (A1F)


Örebro University School of Business

When is the course offered?

Prerequisites: First-cycle courses of 90 credits in statistics, including an independent project of 15 credits, alternatively 30 credits are for studies in statistics and 60 credits for mathematics, as well as the course Statistics, Survey Sampling, second cycle, 7.5 credits. The applicant must also have qualifications corresponding to the course "English 6" or "English B" from the Swedish Upper Secondary School.

Selection: Guaranteed place

Course syllabus

Application code: V2080