Workshop: Get connected

18 January 2021 10:00 – 10:30 online

Time for a workshop! Let's get connected!

You have already activited your ORU account and have access to Blackboard. But have you also already activated your university card or do you know how to print at the University? Anna Blomberg from the Student Service Centre will support all of you who have just arrived in Örebro this semester to get settled in here at Örebro University. If you do have any further questions later on you can contact the Student Service Centre at This is an email address

You haven't connected to the Wifi of the University yet? You can find instructions on how to sign in here:

Note: This recording is also for our exchange students. Therefore, not all content may be relevant for you, as you have already started your studies in autumn 2020. Therefore, just skip the information that seems irrelevant to you.