1. Why can I not retrieve my printout?

Cause: There may be many reasons why you cannot retrieve your printout. The most simple/common solutions are offered below.
• Check that there is money in your account.
• Check that there is paper in the printer.

Cause: If you wait for more than two hours from when you hit the print button on your computer until you try and access the print job at the printer, it will be deleted from Oruprint. You will therefore not be able to see the print job when you log onto the printer.
Solution: Print the document from your computer again.

2. Why is my printout not printed in colour?

Cause: In order to obtain a colour printout you need to print via a colour printer driver on a colour printer. If the printer driver or the printer is for black-and-white printing, you will obtain a black-and-white printout.
• Check that you have printed your document on a colour printer (see sign by the printer or refer to the map).
• Check that you have selected the right print queue (colour printer driver): "Oru-FollowPrint-Color".

3. Can I print from my laptop?

Yes: The printing system supports the following operating systems if you install a printer driver (via an IPP script) on your computer:
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
• Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 Mavericks
• Linux: Ubuntu 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 32 bit and 64 bit, Fedora 12 32 bit

No: The printing system does NOT support the following operating systems:
• Linux: CentOS 5.4
• It might work on other Linux distributions with CUPS, but this has not yet been tested.
• Printing from smartphones and tablets is not possible at present.

4. Can I print from my smartphone or tablet computer?

Answer: No, the printing system does NOT support printing from smartphones or tablet computers such as Iphone or Ipad.


5. I am using my own Mac or a Mac in a computer lab, how do I delete an incorrect password or username for the printers in the MacOS keychain?

Cause: When printing from your Mac laptop or one of the Mac computer labs at the university, you entered the wrong password or username.

Solution: If you have happened to save an incorrect password or username for the printers, you can easily delete the setting by following the instructions below.
Step 1:
Select "Applications"/"Utilities" and doubleclick to open the Keychain application (alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut cmd+alt+u in Finder).
Step 2:
In the left column, select "Login" and in the list of files, find, select and delete "Orebro University IPP".
Step 3:
The next time you want to print a document you will be asked to enter the login details again.


6. I am an international student, how do I register an account with PayEx?

Answer: Click "Create an account" on the PayEx sign-up page and enter your personal data. Select your nationality in the drop-down lists provided. If your nationality is other than Swedish, Norwegian or Danish, you will receive an e-mail in which you will be asked to send in a copy of your passport and a certificate that confirms that you are registered as a student. Information on how to proceed will be provided in the e-mail.


7. The printer display says that the printout will be in colour despite the fact that the document for the most part is in black-and-white.

Cause: The computers and the printing system are not that good at reading which pages are in colour and which are in black-and-white prior to printing. They are however very sensitive to this during the actual printing process. This means that if you have a printout of 100 pages, one page of which is in colour and the rest is in black-and-white, the printing system thinks that the printer should print 100 pages in colour.

This causes the printer display to often display "the wrong colour setting" and there needs to be money in your account to cover a 100-page colour print job.

The way Oruprint works however is that after the completed print job, a receipt is sent by the printer to the Oruprint system. The receipt states exactly what has been printed and you are charged accordingly. Oruprint is accurate to such a degree that if you are doing a mixed printout, e.g. 100 pages of which only one is in colour, you will be charged for 99 pages of black-and-white printing and one page of colour printing.

• Make sure there is money in your account to cover colour printing of your print job ("all 100 pages").
• Print.
• You will be charged with the correct amount ("99 pages of black-and-white printing and one page of colour printing").

We are working together with the manufacturer to try and solve this.


8. The code that was printed for me to allow my University Card to be linked to Oruprint is not working.

Cause: The code is valid for up to two hours from when the code was printed.

Solution: If the code is not working, go through steps 1-6 [CHK1] on the page "Link your University Card to Oruprint" again, i.e. start by swiping your card in the card swiper. The message "User ID is incorrect..." is displayed, but this is no cause for concern since the card is still unknown to the Oruprint system. WAIT until the document is printed. Bring the piece of paper and go through steps 3-7.

9. I do not have a ORU account

Cause: You are not registered on a course.

Alternative 1: After you have registered on a course, you need to activate your ORU account. Do this at oru.se/ORU-konto.
Alternative 2: If you are not a student at Örebro University, you can print via a guest profile, using the library card. Read more under Getting started - Guest.


10. I am using my own PC laptop, and Windows 7 Service Pack 1 cannot print using IPP.

Cause: You cancelled the installation when you were running the Windows IPP script. This means that Oruprint cannot see who is printing and will therefore not receive the print job from IPP.

Solution: Download and install a "hotfix" from Microsoft.


11. I do not want to use PayEx

If you do not wish to use the PayEx service you can pay (only credit card payment) into your account at the Printing Office (Repro) between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

NOTE! Money that is payed into the printing/copying account are non-refundable!


12. I have 3 SEK on the printeraccount but still can not copy or scan!

It is required that you have at least 5 SEK in your account to scanning and copying to work!