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Printing and Copying - ORUPRINT

Oruprint is a printing and copying system for students and members of staff at Örebro University. Via Oruprint you can print, make copies or scan documents.

When you are all set

Oruprint Self-service

  • Printing can be done from any of the school's computer labs, from the computers at the University Library, or from your personal laptop.
  • You have access to a total of 16 printers/copiers at the university.
  • You manage your printing through the Oruprint system (see the Oruprint self-service link to the right). Here you can see what printouts have been made and how much money you have left etc.
  • You pay for your printouts and copies via the external payment service PayEx.
  • The printing services are managed by the Printing Office, Repro, in Långhuset. They also offer a copying service.