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Getting started - Visitors

I am neither student nor staff, what do I need in order to print and make copies

1. A library card
Visitors who need to make copies or print documents at the university must have a library card at the University Library. An e-mail address must be linked to the card and the card can be obtained at the University Library.

2. Activate your library card to access a printing account
To make copies and print documents, you need to activate your library card, i.e. link it to a printing account.

 Activate your account here

3. Register an account with PayEx for payment purposes
To make copies and print documents, your library card needs to be topped up with money. This is done by registering and making a payment into a PayEx account and linking the PayEx account to the library card.

PayEx is an external payment service that handles your printing and copying payments. You can also use the system for other types of purchases. When you register an account with PayEx, make a note of which e-mail address you register. The e-mail address will serve as your username for PayEx, and any correspondence from PayEx concerning validation, links to the library card etc. will be sent to that address.

Register an account with PayEx

If you for any reason prefer not to use the PayEx web service, you are able to top up your library card with a cash deposit at the Printing Office (Repro) Monday-Friday between 14:00‑15:45. For cash deposits at any other time, there will be a service charge of 20 SEK.

Please note!
Money that has been deposited to the library card via Repro cannot be refunded.

4. Top up your PayEx account
Payments are made using either your debit/credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or via bank transfer to PayEx. Log onto the PayEx homepage via the link below to transfer money to your PayEx account.

Your username is the e-mail address you gave when you registered your PayEx account.

Top up your PayEx account

5. Link your library card to PayEx
By linking your library card number to PayEx, your library card will gain access to your money in your PayEx account.

Clicking on the link below will take you through the following steps:

Identify your library card number.
Identify your PayEx account which you registered under step 3 above.
Enter a validation code to link the library card number to the PayEx account.
 Link your library card number to your PayEx account

6. Keep track of your printouts via Oruprint self-service
In Oruprint you can see what printouts you have made and how much money is left in your account. Log into Oruprint (Cirrato) to set up and block the printing feature of your library card. Log into Oruprint using your library card account details.

 Log into Oruprint (Cirrato)