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Jobs and getting involved

Would you like to cultivate your professional experience and credibility – whilst having fun and extending your networks? If so then Novatorget is here for you.

We can help you establish valuable relationships with interesting companies and organisations.

We do this because we know that by you getting involved and investing your time now, you can improve the career opportunities you enjoy in the future.
And there are many ways to get involved. So read this page, visit us in Novatorget and start unlocking the potential of your future.

Internships, work and thesis opportunities

Örebro University’s career portal – ORU CareerGate – allows you to explore student-focused job postings, internships and thesis opportunities. You’ll find attractive businesses and organisations not just from Örebro, but across Sweden and around the world.

It’s also a good place to find the latest information about University activities designed to help you prepare for the future – such as CV-schools, interview training and lectures by experts from the working world.

Register at today, and discover how it will help you and your future.