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ORU KickStart

Student group from ORU KickStart sitting together at a table working on their innovation

ORU KickStart is an opportunity to develop business ideas with a team of other students, supported by a professional facilitator.

Over a set period of time you and your team will work through the challenges and propose real-world solutions together. ORU KickStart provides you with valuable experience of an ideas development method that cultivates creativity and innovation, as well as the opportunity to make useful contacts for your future.

We mix students and study orientations, interests and backgrounds - which lends each team an exciting and unique dynamic. By doing so, we help create the conditions in which a variety of creative ideas and solutions can be identified and developed.

For more information on ORU KickStart, please contact:

Mattias Dyrvik

Title: External Relations Officer School/office: Communication and Collaboration

Profile page: Mattias Dyrvik


Phone: +46 19 303802

Room: E2220

Mattias Dyrvik