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Senior lecturer in Rhetoric

Permanent position
Full time
The application deadline is

Ref no: ORU 2.2.1-00432/2017

The School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (HumUS) is seeking a senior lecturer who can contribute to the continued development of Rhetoric as a subject. The subject is included in the Humanities division, and offers undergraduate education at the first-cycle level. An ongoing collaborative course development effort across the department also includes plans for an interdisciplinary Master’s programme. Rhetoric is one specialisation within the postgraduate subject Language Studies.

In addition to courses that focus primarily on theory, there are courses offered which emphasise practical communicative skills in speech and writing. Moreover, the subject is involved extensively in both in-house and outside commissioned work.

Duties and responsibilities

Duties include teaching in the subject Rhetoric, especially at the undergraduate level and in internal assignments where theoretical and practical aspects are combined. The language used for some of the teaching is English.

Apart from teaching, duties include supervision, examination, evaluation and course development work, as well as administration, continuing professional development, and cooperation with society at large. As a new senior lecturer, you will be expected to participate actively in ongoing course development efforts, as well as contribute to the development of Rhetoric as a subject and the Humanities divisionin general.


Eligible for the appointment as senior lecturer are applicants who have demonstrated educational expertise and who have been awarded a doctoral degree within the subject area in question or possess corresponding research skills or some other professional expertise that is of significance in view of the subject matter for the position and the duties that the position will involve.

For any teaching staff appointments at Örebro University, applicants are expected to have completed courses on teaching and learning in higher education corresponding to ten weeks. If applicable, assessments will be made of corresponding knowledge obtained in any other way.

Assessment criteria

In assessing whether an applicant is qualified for the appointment as senior lecturer, the extent to which his or her skills and expertise correspond to the eligibility requirements will be evaluated. In the appointment process, equal attention will be paid to the assessment of educational expertise as to the assessment of other qualifications required to meet the eligibility requirements.

In assessing the applicants’ educational expertise, attention will be paid to their experience in terms of planning, carrying out and evaluating teaching, supervision and examination. As part of the general assessment, the applicant is expected to possess the ability and suitability required to take on the responsibilities of the position. Since the appointment includes a great deal of teaching of Rhetoric in other fields of study, especially Law and Engineering, experience from these fields is a merit. Experience from or insights into the disciplines of Law and/or Engineering and the demands they place on rhetorical skills will be seen as valuable. The educational expertise and qualifications shall be well-documented and accounted for in a teaching portfolio.

The applicant’s research expertise shall be demonstrated through independent research contributions. Experience of planning and carrying out independent research is a merit, as is experience of working in research projects, writing applications for research funding, and participating in or managing interdisciplinary research endeavors.

We welcome personal skills and abilities such as a documented ability to cooperate, power of initiative, as well as an interest in course development and educational development work.

The duties require communicative skills, both in writing and in speech, in Swedish and English. Applicants who are not fluent in Swedish are expected to learn Swedish actively over the first two years of employment in order to be able to teach all courses in Swedish in the future.

Since the subject of Rhetoric is engaged in a great many international collaborations and networks, we welcome applicants who can contribute to developing and expanding these. International research and teaching experience is considered valuable, as is an intercultural professional background. We also welcome applicants who have research and/or teaching experience related to cross-cultural issues.

A high degree of involvement in the operations onsite and a preparedness to take responsibility are considered to be of great importance.


Our ambition is to create a place of work that is characterised by gender equality and diversity.


The position is a full-time, permanent post. The salary depends on the successful candidate’s qualifications and experience. Positions announced at Örebro University are, where appropriate, subject to a trial period.

For more information about the appointment, please contact Director of Division Johanna Stenersen 019-30 14 24, or Senior Lecturer in Rhetoric Marie Gelang, 019-30 30 86.


The application is made online. Click the button “Apply” to begin the application procedure.

For the application to be complete, the following electronic documents must be included:

  • Covering letter

  • CV

  • Teaching portfolio (in accordance with Örebro University’s guidelines)

  • An account of research/artistic qualifications

  • Certified copies of relevant course/degree certificates and references

Only documents written in English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish can be assessed.

The application deadline is 2017-03-30. We look forward to receiving your application!

We decline any contact with advertisers or recruitment agencies in the recruitment process.