ENSEC 2017

Welcome to a conference with a diversity perspective on children and youth. Children and youth have the right to grow up and develop to their full potential, but poverty, illness and exile is a reality for many children and youth.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This conference theme is Diversity, which includes how to increase the child's sense of connection and inclusion as well as hope. To be able to provide children with the best conditions possible, good knowledge and valuable experiences are crucial. Therefore, we are proud to provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and stakeholders a place to meet, exchange, share and to be inspired.

We will celebrate ENSEC:s 10th anniversary by cruising between to capitals, Stockholm and Helsinki. We promise teachers, psychologists, social workers, public health workers, university students, and all kind of researchers, an amazing and exciting conference.

Örebro University, Sweden
The City of Gothenburg, Sweden
Conference organisers, Sweden


Welcome address from the ENSEC board

As an International network ENSEC draws together members from a diversity of cultures, geographically, linguistically, and of course professionally. In a world of increasing global mobility, both through choice and through necessity, one of the professional challenges we all share is developing good practice with children, young people, students and
colleagues from diverse backgrounds, and this year we have chosen to make this our focus.

We expect that the 6th ENSEC Conference will provide a valuable opportunity for researchers and practitioners to discuss and disseminate their work. Delegates and previous participants will have the chance to find old friends from the previous conferences and make new friends, and additionally the occasion to visit both Stockholm and Helsinki in the first ENSEC Conference to be held at sea!" 

Örebro Univeristy, Sweden
The City of Gothenburg, Sweden