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Christina Öberg


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Center for Inter-Organizational Network Research – INTERORG

Center for Inter-Organizational Network Research – INTERORG – is a research center that investigates inter-organizational issues with a focus on industrial firms.

The overall purpose of INTERORG is to increase the knowledge of the socio-tehnological-economic aspects of inter-organizational interaction. The common denominator for INTERORG is the focus on inter-organizational network issues in the external flows of industrial firms, including:

  • Strategy
  • Logistics/supply chain
  • Entrepreneurship/innovation

A Common Core Enhanced by Theoretical and Methodological Multiplicity

Firms are seen as embedded within socio-technical structures and economic processes requiring a holistic understanding of the entire socio-technical-economic matrix. A broad spectrum of theoretical approaches are encouraged and the theoretical frameworks used range from network theories such as industrial networks, Actor-Network Theory and systems theories, to mention a few.

A multiplicity of methodological and theoretical frameworks is encouraged to understand and explain inter-organizational problems, such as case studies, literature reviews, archive studies, secondary data and discourse analysis, and agent-based modeling and simulation (ABM).

Industry-University Knowledge Co-production

Empirical research in collaboration with industry and business partners are encouraged and used as a deliberate strategy for funding. This co-production model of knowledge production ensures that results are disseminated to practice and that the business world and industrial sectors assimilates it into its workings.