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Flourishing for the Future: Anticipation as Meta-Capability

25 april 2019 13:00 – 14:00 Bio, Forumhuset

a CREA public talk by Chris Groves

Chris GrovesAbstract "Anticipation is not only an individual, cognitive achievement. It is a collective or ‘assembled’ one (comprised of social practices, institutions, technologies, ecosystems, etc.). Actively responding to potential futures and acting to realise preferred ones represent capabilities inhering in such systems, and ethical choices. What are the ethics of anticipatory systems? To answer, I will use the capabilities approach of Sen, Nussbaum and Alkire as a jumping-off point. The jump then is that anticipation needs to be treated as a kind of meta-capability, essential to any notion of a flourishing life, in a way that leads to a politics (not only an ethics) of anticipation, in which people exercise this meta-capability in concert with others."

Dr. Christopher Groves Research Fellow Understanding Risk Research Group & FLEXIS Project School of Social Sciences Cardiff University.

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