Institutionen för hälsovetenskaper

Nordic Network for Sport History

Time: November 25-26, 2021
Location: Örebro University and/or digital

The Nordic Sports History Network brings together researchers interested in sports history from the Nordic region. In collaboration with the Swedish Society for Sports History, we are now opening up for contributions to the 2021’s meeting. We aim to meet physically but will also enable remote/digital presentations. The purpose of the conference is to present and discuss newly completed, ongoing and planned sport history projects targeting the Noridc context. Sports and history should be broadly interpreted and may, for example, include humanistic and social science perspectives on sports, body culture and physical activity.

Participation is free of charge and during the meeting, simple refreshments/Swedish fika will be offered. (In case of great interest, cost for this may be added). Each participant is responsible for accommodation and other related costs. Please note the different deadlines for presenters and participants.

Key dates

September 30 Deadline for presenters, submit a title and a summary of your presentation (abstract)

October 25 Preliminary Program launch.

October 30 Deadline registration for participation (In case of great interest, cost for refreshments/coffee may be added).

November 25-26 Nordic Network for Sport History meeting

The network meeting is organised by Örebro University and the Swedish Society for Sports History (SVIF). Since 2012, SVIF publishes peer reviewed articles in Scandinavian languages or English in Sports, History and Society, a scientific forum for sports history in the Nordic region.

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