Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Hälsoekonomiska seminariet med forskargruppen WHAWE

23 november 2017 14:15 – 16:00 N4065 (Novahuset)

Forskargruppen WHAWE (Wellbeing, Health and Welfare Economics) bjuder in dig till Hälsoekonomiska seminariet

Daniela Andrén. Deltidssjukskrivning och effekter på återgång i arbete

Camilla Nystrand, Elin Vimefall, Lars Hultkrantz Municipality-Based Benefit-Cost Analysis of Indicated Parent Training Programs

Jim Lindström, Region Örebro län. Liv, Hälsa Ung 2017

The WHAWE group conducts research and evaluation work in the fields of health, safety, education and social care. WHAWE works towards providing empirical evidence about investments that improve health and well-being of people of different ages over the course of life. The main areas of expertise include econometric and economic evaluation of public interventions, such as early interventions and prevention for children and young people at risk.

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