Professor in medical sciences with a specialization in systems medicine

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Ref nr: ORU 2.1.1-00290/2020

The School of Medical Sciences is seeking a professor in medical science with a specialization in systems medicine for a permanent post.

Subject area

The position is in medical science, systems medicine.


Örebro University has since the start of its medical school in 2011, seen a strong development in both education and research. Systems medicine is an interdisciplinary field of research that studies systems in the human body as part of an integrated holistic concept comprising, for example,  biochemical, physiological and environmental interactions (nutrition, chemical exposures, lifestyle, among others). Advances in systems medicine opened new avenues to understanding the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of multi-factorial disorders and enabled identification of sensitive biomarkers of early disease detection. Metabolomics has emerged as a key enabling platform in systems medicine research, because the metabolome is sensitive to various disease-modifying factors such as the genome, diet, gut microbiome, immune system and environmental exposure. Örebro University’s life science research is very active in these fields with a strong metabolomics platform and, hence, systems medicine plays a pivotal role in enabling cutting-edge interdisciplinary research projects.

Duties and responsibilities

As a rule, a professor spends the bulk of their working hours on research. A professor is also expected to work actively to bring in external research grants to the subject area, take an overall responsibility for its research activities, and monitor developments within the subject field internationally. A professor is expected to be involved at all three levels of higher education and to disseminate information on and collaborate around their own and the department’s research activities.

A professor is moreover expected, within the scope of their employment, to make themselves available for executive and administrative assignments at the University.


A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise shall be qualified for employment as a professor except in disciplines in the fine, applied or performing arts.

For any teaching staff appointments at Örebro University, applicants are expected to have completed courses on teaching and learning in higher education corresponding to ten weeks. If applicable, assessments will be made of corresponding knowledge obtained in any other way. A teacher who at the time of appointment lacks the training specified above or the equivalent, shall no later than within two years of taking up the position have completed the required courses. The candidate shall be allowed scope in their employment for this.

Assessment criteria

When appointing teaching staff, their research expertise as well as their teaching expertise shall be assessed. In the assessment, experience and qualifications in terms of collaboration with the wider community, of which the university is a part, will be evaluated, as will national and international experience and mobility. In addition, applicants’ suitability for the post will be evaluated, as will their leadership skills.

Research expertise

Research expertise shall be demonstrated through independent research contributions, quantitatively as well as qualitatively; continuous high-level research output; significant external research grants secured in competition with others; and through the planning, leading, and administration of research.

The candidate should have a well-acknowledged strong international leadership and publication record in the areas of systems biology and metabolomics applied to medical and clinical research, especially in the field of metabolic disorders and metabolic co-morbidity. The candidate should show a strong record in acquiring national and international research funding and leading international inter-disciplinary research consortia (e.g. EU collaborative projects). Strong competence in systems medicine methodologic development (such as bioinformatic tools for integrative data analysis), especially in the field of metabolomics adds strongly to the merits of the candidate.

Teaching expertise

Teaching expertise shall be considerable and shall have been demonstrated through teaching qualifications and experience as well as contributions to varying degrees on first, second and third-cycle courses and study programmes. Applicants shall be able to account for their teaching outlook and approach and have the ability to reflect on their own pedagogical development as well as on the teacher’s role. The applicant shall also have contributed to the development of educational activities.

Other assessment criteria

We welcome personal skills and abilities such as an ability to cooperate, power of initiative, as well as an interest in course development and educational development work.


The position is a permanent part-time post (60% of full-time working hours), with a potential increase of the number of working hours.

The professor we are looking for is expected to have awarded research funding in competition with others. The position includes research work, financed by external grants and the food and health initiative at Örebro University and teaching duties at the School of Science and Technology and the School of Medical Sciences. The salary depends on the successful candidate’s qualifications and experience. Positions announced at Örebro University are, where appropriate, subject to a trial period.

For more information, please contact Martin Gunnarsson, Head of the School of Medical Sciences, +46 ( 0)19-30 31 10, This is an email address  or Dean Kerstin Nilsson, Faculty of Medicine and Health, +46 (0)19-30 30 72, This is an email address

Örebro University actively pursues an equal work environment and values the qualities that diversity adds to our operations.

For more information, see link below, “Guidelines for the appointment of professors at the Faculty of Medicine and Health at Örebro University”.